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Gujarat Now Competing With World Big Projects

Gujarat’s competition now is not with other states, but with the world.

The world’s tallest ‘Statue of Unity’ is constructed in Gujarat. The world’s largest cricket stadium, the Narendra Modi Stadium, is in Gujarat. The world’s largest 30,000-MW renewable energy park is in Gujarat…the world’s largest CNG port is at Bhavnagar in Gujarat, Rupani said.

He further said the country’s first bullet train will start from Gujarat, and the state attracted the highest amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country.

The country’s largest commercial complex in Surat, the first International Financial Services at GIFT City, the largest smart industrial city at Dholera SIR Park, are all in Gujarat, he added.

Rupani said Gujarat tops the country in the production of cumin, cotton and groundnut, and has the lowest unemployment rate.

The state tackled the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic through “collective leadership”, daily monitoring and decision-making of the core committee, he said.

Gujarat is the only state in the entire country which did not go for a complete lockdown. We tackled the first and second waves of coronavirus with limited control. Now, with the experiences of the second wave, we are ready for the third wave, he said.

The chief minister said his government was committed to all-round development of all the sections of society, and had promptly passed on the benefits of government schemes for the welfare of the weaker sections.

The state government had taken several decisions for the benefits of farmers, women, tribals, and other sections of society, he said, adding that as many as “1,700 decisions were taken fast and without pendency” in the last five years.

The state government also equipped the police with 10,000 ‘body-worn’ cameras and other technologically advanced facilities like drone cameras, so as to make the security force strong and effective, he said.

He also urged people to contribute 60 per cent for a developmental project under the state’s ‘Vatan Prem Yojana’, while the remaining 40 per cent amount will be contributed by the government.

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The Maiden Smart City: Dholera SIR

India has always been divided into two significant parts: The rural India where the soul of the country resides and the urban India which has been a key place for industrialization.

However, the recent years have been witness to the thinning of boundaries of the two distinct parts of India. The main reason for the same has been migration in abundance from the rural India to urban one as people have become desirous of seeking better employment opportunities that can help them raise their earning bar. Though agriculture still remains the number one industry in our country, industrialization has paved way for better opportunities in the cities. While the lateral shift helped in better income levels, the perils of rapid urbanization soon followed.

With increased rate of urbanization, the existing cities were overburdened leaving the residents in a situation where their standard of living fell incessantly. Thus arose the need for an immediate and a sustainable solution to this issue which came in form of creation of 100 smart cities; the first one being Greenfield Smart City Dholera SIR.

These cities shall work on a dual concept which is better termed as rurbanization. While they shall be equipped with latest and state-of-art amenities, the soul of the cities shall remain rural. With Dholera SIR being the maiden smart city, it also is the biggest and only Greenfield project amongst the 100 smart cities to be developed in India. The city shall cover 920 square kilometers, 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad. It also draws immense importance due its being close to the DMIC corridor which shall soon be the industrial backbone of India.

Dholera SIR Latest Development Work Status:

Similar to other smart cities, Dholera Smart City shall widely use Information and Communication Technology for smarter functioning. Real time monitoring and usage of data to create efficiency within the administrative systems shall also be important towards conservation of natural resources and reduction of cost. Green building concept shall also be introduced in the smart city which shall be built keeping sustainable environment and healthier living in mind.

The city shall be developed in three phases and is expected to get completed by the year 2040. As per execution in-charge ‘Aecom’, the city can be expected to be good for residing shortly and should be home to about 1 lakh residents by the year 2022 to 2023. Dholera SIR is being planned as a city with uncompromised infrastructure and superlative amenities and civic utilities which shall soon be an inspiration for the upcoming smart cities.

The planners and architects appointed for development of the maiden smart city are vigorously at task and shall hopefully present to the Indians a ‘Dholera SIR that could only be a part of someone’s imagination a few years ago.

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Dholera SIR – Biggest Smart City Of India Has Begin

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project envisaged by the government of India has now come into action as the Modi government has given a formal approval to commence work on the trunk infrastructure in the activation area identified in Dholera Special Investment Region.

Dholera Smart City Phase 1 of construction in Dholera SIR, the biggest smart city of India has begun. An activation area spread over 22.5 square kilometers of land has been exclusively identified and construction work on it has been given a green signal. The construction which has started in financial year 2015-16 is expected to be completed by financial year 2018-19.The land of the activation area has been carefully chosen and belongs to the state government. It has been done so that the work can be started immediately without the hassles of having to purchase land and follow extensive steps.

Dholera Development Current Status:-

The trunk infrastructure that has been planned for it includes components like activation area, roads and services, ABCD building dholera, water treatment plan, sewerage treatment plan and common effluent treatment plan. The purpose of this activation area is to attract investments and funds through private players and foreign investors. The ready to use roads and services as well as improved accessibility shall encourage investors to put funds in this project without which the project is difficult to complete.

Dholera SIR is divided into six town planning areas of which Town Planning scheme 1 and 2 are chosen for development in phase 1 of the project. The activation area selected belongs to the northern half of DSIRDA land which enables excellent connectivity to other town planning schemes thus making it even more lucrative for investors.

The town planning scheme 1 and 2 is spread over a total area of 153 square kilometers; 51 square kilometers and 101 square kilometers each. To enable ease of implementation, the Town planning scheme 2 (TP2) areas has further been subdivided into two sections with Central Spine road (SH6) serving as a dividing factor- TP2 West is spread over 43.11 sq. km while TP 2 East covers 57.41 sq. kms and an additional 2.3 sq. km area falls on the expressway. Town Planning Scheme 2 has extensive roads with length measuring to 340 kilometers while Town Planning Scheme 1 roads measure 186 kilometers.Both the schemes have plans for river training and bunding for flood management, a feature specific to smart city.

Dholera SIR:-

Dholera Special Investment Region is spread over a sprawling 920 square kilometers of land and covers 22 villages of Ahmedabad district including Dhandhuka and Barwala Taluka. Its proximity to important industrial hubs like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat and Bhavnagar certainly gives it the locational and industrial edge. It is aimed to be the first step towards the rapid urbanization campaign taken up by the government that shall deliver a high standard of living through its ultra-tech infrastructure and environment friendly initiatives. It shall have underground utilities such as storm water drainage, water supply, sewerage system , gas lines, telecom connection and power supply ; first of its kind in India

Dholera Smart City Project Funding:-

While the land is being contributed by the state government as its share of equity capital (as per the institutional and financial structure approved by the Government of India for DMIC project), the central government shall be contributing its share of equity in form of cash required for the project. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 2784.83 crores and central government has permission to make similar contributions with a maximum ceiling of Rs. 3000 crores.

Balance funding requirements to complete the trunk infrastructure components shall be taken care of through internal accruals of Special Purpose Vehicles or by raising debts as necessary by the SPV. In the year 2011 -12,the Government of India had decided to contribute a total of Rs. 17,500 crore in a phase wise manner over succeeding five years towards implementation of trunk infrastructure components of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project.This project and all other projects planned under the DMIC project shall be jointly implemented by special bodies called Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that is a joint venture between the state government and DMIC trust.

Dholera Smart City Latest Ground Report:-

As per the cabinet decision, a trust called DMIC trust was formed whose primary function is to handhold the funds for the project. The Board of trustees are empowered to evaluate all proposal placed towards development of the project and after due recommendations from the DMICDC, it sanctions funds towards development of project subject to a ceiling of Rs. 300 crores. In case of a proposal exceeding the ceiling limit, it is forwarded to and reviewed by Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure post necessary evaluation by PPPAC of the Ministry of Finance or DMIC trust as the case may be. The final proposal for sanctioning Rs. 3,000 crores towards Dholera SIR Project was forwarded by DMIC trust post appraisal on 19th March 2015.

Hopefully, the development of the activation will trigger off the expected activity on the funding side and attracts investors as per project requirement.

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Smart Homes Dholera Most Trusted Real Estate Developer in Dholera Smart City

Dholera SIR had suddenly seemed to be emerging as a new brand in the developing economy of India. A brand that speaks of immense economic opportunities, world class infrastructure, stable employment options and hope; for those in search of affordable homes which had become so scarce off late.

Dholera is being developed on 920 Sq. Kms. of land, an incomprehensible size it is! As per the central government’s vision, the city shall be developed twice the size of financial capital Mumbai and six times that of the famous city Shanghai. The city is envisioned as the global trading and manufacturing hub which is evident from the increasing interests that various conglomerates are expressing to invest in this region. Few of the names include Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited, Nano Works Developer Gujarat Pvt Ltd. and Isobar Global Holdings, Indian arm of Singapore Based Capitaland Investment Trust. These companies are reportedly going to set up their manufacturing units over sprawling 1,500-3,000 acres of land in the region.

The shaping up of Dholera gave Smart Homes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. an incredible scope to venture into the region and create something exemplary to live in. With the vision to build affordable housing units for fellow Indian’s that are qualitative, have sound infrastructure and capable of improving one’s lifestyle , we marched ahead to create inspiring projects in Dholera SIR.

A subsidiary of Singapore based company Smart Infrastructure PTE Ltd., Smart Homes takes pride in its accomplished management team who are alumni of prestigious institutes such as Manchester Business School, United Kingdom, IMT Ghaziabad and IIT’s.The organization is a pool of skilled and experienced professionals from apt professionally certified backgrounds who are adept at gauging market demand and administering the projects accordingly.

A leading realty brand in the Dholera SIR region, the organization has successfully launched the first phase of two massive projects: Dholera Smart City and Smart Dholera. The projects are a perfect mix of smart value apartments, deluxe villas and lavish bungalows. They also offer raw non-agricultural land to investors who seek to gain from the appreciation of property prices in the city.

The projects are loaded with world class amenities like gymnasium, club house, landscaped garden, excellent security and play area for children. The organization targets to impart a healthy lifestyle to its residents through its admirable facilities and strategic locations.The attractive opportunities that Dholera SIR offers have knocked the doors of many other real estate firms..

Smart Homes see immense opportunities to grow manifold as the region develops and marches ahead and is framed to be the most admired name in the Dholera real estate.

Why Investors are Prefer Investing In Dholera SIR Over Other Cities?

Gujarat has been the soft spot for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ever since he was the Chief Minister of the state. He has since then fast tracked Gujarat’s development and envisaged it as the economic hub for India.

With the declaration of 100 smart city projects, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara city amongst few others in Gujarat that has made it to the final list. Similarly Dholera Special Investment Region is also a smart city that certainly cannot be ignored and can be viewed as one of the best investment options in India. It is up to the investors to decide which amongst the two shall reap better returns on investment.

Why Invest in Dholera Smart City

Dholera SIR is the first smart city to be developed in India. It has the advantage of being much ahead of any other smart cities of India since the development work on trunk infrastructure has already begin and an amount of Rs. 3,000 crores has been sanctioned by the central government for the same. Planning for the same has also been completed and it is execution time now. however is way behind with planning yet to be done, submitted and approved by the government which seems to be quite a tedious and time taking process. Development shall start post all these hurdles are crossed.

Dholera Smart City is a new city in the making with availability of cheap land making it quite lucrative for investors. Many real estate and infrastructure companies have already signed MoU’s with the state government and promised hundreds of crores of investment in the city. An individual can also purchase residential plots and build Villas and Bungalows in Dholera SIR at a cheaper price as compared to buying a single flat in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot. Thus the appreciation expected on returns in much higher for investors in Dholera compared to the other smart cities.

The planning and infrastructure of Dholera shall be uncompromised and shall be executed through usage of high end techniques. The architecture and designing shall also be done by international architects who are free to plan the city as they like as Dholera has negligible infrastructure development currently. However other developed city is an old city which consists of roads, underground utilities, and buildings and much more on infrastructural front. Revamping the same in accordance with latest techniques shall be a difficult task and transforming it altogether to create a new age city like Dholera shall be almost impossible.

Dholera Smart City Ground Report 2021

The 10 lane highway of Dholera, connectivity through the new metro route, sanctioning of an international airport in Dholera, connectivity through sea and railways makes the city both nationally and globally accessible to investors and industrialists. It being on the pathway of DMIC corridor is also attracting many companies and investors from across the world. This is certainly and edge that Dholera shall continue to enjoy over other cities..

While Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot shall transform to become a much better and smarter city for its residents, Dholera shall progress at a much faster rate and shall be investors delight.

Dholera SIR – Plots In Dholera Smart City – Best Investment Option

The plots in Dholera Smart City are being featured as the best investment options across the country in the real estate markets. Credit goes to undervalued prices, high availability and the returns that are being anticipated in mid-long term period.

Dholera SIR was once a hideous little town in the mighty state of Gujarat known by very few, However the fate has turned around as the central government decided to make it as a smart city; the first smart city of India. The biggest and only Greenfield project in the country, Dholera SIR shall span a massive 920 square kilometers. The city shall encompass 22 villages and shall consist of six town planning schemes, all of which has been approved by the central government.

A plethora of real estate investment options are available in the city with various reputed builders and developers working towards making it a residential paradise. One such realty firm that is offering plots in Dholera Sir and apartments of varied sizes in the city is Smart Homes Infrastructure Ltd. Smart Homes, a visionary Real estate and Infrastructural company based in New Delhi, plans to develop 1 million homes in India in line with Central government’s vision. Smart Homes plans to develop these homes in 100 Smart Cities and 500 AMRUT cities of India in a phased manner by 2050. 

The organization has developed two residential housing projects in Dholera that has many options to choose from. Besides purchasing bungalows, villas, apartments and plots in Dholera, Smart Homes also offers commercial, agricultural and industrial land in the city. There are many other developers such as Aamani Group, Varada developers, Shyam Group,etc. through whom investors may purchase lien free land and homes in Dholera.

Let us understand what makes plots in Dholera a lucrative option for investors:-

  • The plots are available in various sizes across Dholera. One may opt for a strategic location that shall reap higher returns in future.
  • Buying a plot gives one the flexibility to construct a property at his free will and as per his preference. One need not be dependent upon the developer to design the property using state of art technique. Additionally, the home may be built in parts and parcels depending upon the financial availability of the investor.
  • Plots in Dholera are the cheapest investment option available to any Indian or foreign investor. A property in Dholera shall cost one the lowest amongst the 100 smart cities and bears the maximum potential for generating higher returns. The dual factor makes it an interesting and irresistible investment option.

Dholera is going to be the fastest developing city of India and one that shall be brimming with economic and employment opportunities moving forward. Therefore, any investment made in the city including buying plots in Dholera should be strongly considered by investors to obtain maximum returns.

Dholera SIR – Best Special Investment Opportunity For Investors, Dholera Smart City

Dholera Smart City, India is the fastest growing world economies presently and shall potentially be the third largest economy in the world by the next decade. The country’s economy is seventh largest worldwide in terms of Nominal Gross Domestic Product and third largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

The ‘Make in India’ program and ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ led by the central government shall be instrumental in adding momentum to the fast developing economy of India. These programs are focused at making India a self-sustainable country by adding impetus to the manufacturing industry, creating millions of employment opportunities and making the nation citizen friendly through provision of basic amenities and uplifting living standards.

Dholera SIR has emerged as an important name amidst the Indian economy and is soon expected to become a global trading and manufacturing hub. The city is being developed as the largest Greenfield smart city of India and measures 920 square kilometers. Envisaged as six times the size of Shanghai and twice the size of Mumbai Dholera SIR is the first Special Investment Region to be formed post enactment of the SIR Act.

It is believed that the region shall contribute largely to the country by boosting various key industries, promoting manufacturing of goods in India and creating a large number of employment opportunities. Dholera SIR shall also serve as a leading example for top class infrastructure and better usage of Information and Communication Technology. Being the first smart city to be developed, the other 100 smart cities shall take inspiration from Dholera.

The concept of Dholera was in the mind of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Since a long time, he had perceived this small town located near Ahmedabad to be the first smart city of India. The strategic location of the city plays a vital role in making it an ideal one to be the maiden smart city of India. Located in the dynamic state of Gujarat, Dholera SIR is positioned near the 1,483 kilometer long Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and comes under the influence area of Dedicated Freight Corridor. It shall also serve as a special investment node to the DMIC corridor.

The potential of the city has also been well identified by the government who has seemingly laid enormous focus on its development. In a continuous attempt towards development of this project as per schedule, the central government has sanctioned Rs. 5,400 crores towards various facets of development of this city. It has also put various projects related to Dholera SIR on fast track to enable faster completion.

Dholera SIR is certain to be a recognized name in the Indian economy over the years to come through its splendid contribution and by being the fastest growing city of India.

Dholera Smart City – Best of This Opportunity Offered by India’s First Smart City

Dholera Smart City brings with itself a plethora of economic opportunities for everyone: Corporates, Hospitality sector, Commercial and Manufacturing units, Logistics and many more. Given the immense potential the city holds within, everyone who sets up their businesses in the initial stage shall eventually generate excellent returns.

Smart Homes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary of Smart Infrastructure PTE Limited, headquartered in Singapore, facilitates all industries with raw land suited to their needs to enable them make the best of this opportunity offered by India’s first smart city. creates value proposition for investors through sale and re-sale of agricultural and non-agricultural land in Dholera SIR and Greater Dholera region. Reputed for sale of legal land bearing clear title and 100%approved by government, we offer investors an option to choose from land of varied sizes and locations. project is trademark registered and specifically meant to promote B2B segment. Through a team of realty professionals having vast exposure in the Indian real estate markets and known for their expertise in the evolving market trends, we are apt at guiding industrialists on the location and site that shall best suit their businesses. Our list of clientele ranges from residential property builder who aspires to build a residential township in premium location of Dholera SIR to an industrialist who is looking for massive piece of land to set up his manufacturing unit. Our clientele also extends to those looking for suitable land to construct their hotels and resorts, enterprises looking forward to set up a logistics hub or one looking for an agricultural land.

Our brand caters to Indian and international corporate houses, global business houses and HNI’s who wish to invest in Dholera SIR. Besides offering them Raw Land In Dholera, Smart Homes also ensure that the land is lien free and free of any hassles. Our consultancy services ensure a smooth transfer of property to its rightful owner through step by step guidance. Additionally, we also help you in conversion of NA/NOC, clear title for the land purchased by you.

We have ample land parcels available in Dholera Town Planning Scheme 1 to Town Planning Scheme 4 of which TP1 is specifically meant for residential use. Similarly, the agricultural and farmland under our possession is spread all over Dholera, giving investors the flexibility to choose one that most befits them. Besides, we have also constructed mega residential townships comprising of magnificent bungalows, beautiful villas and smart apartments which are meant to cater to the needs of retail investors.  brings one of its kind opportunities for global enterprises and local businesses to buy land at cheap prices and at right locations across Dholera SIR and Greater Dholera for a brighter tomorrow.

Dholera SIR – A New Gujarat, Within Gujarat

Dholera Smart City has created history in the Indian infrastructure realm whose positive effects shall be reaped by many a generations. The smart city is being developed as the best planned city taking into account all socio-economic factors including setting up mega industrial parks for industrial growth and employment boost, development of key infrastructure to ensure enhanced connectivity and division of the city into 6 town planning schemes for progressive development and better administration.

Dholera SIR has been divided into six town planning schemes of which TP1 has been specifically allotted towards development of residential housing units to cater to the massive population outburst that the city is expecting. All six of the town planning schemes are included in the master plan and has been approved by the government. Development of the city shall happen in three phases, each of which should take about a decade to complete with the entire infrastructure estimated to reach its finishing line by 2040.

The Special Investment Region is located in the Gulf of Khambaht in Ahmedabad district, Gujarat. It encompasses 22 villages of Gujarat, each of which plays an important role towards development of the smart city. The villages are Ambali, Bavliyari, Bhadiyad, Bhangadh, Bhimtalav, Cher, Dholera, Gogla, Gorasu, Hebatpur, Kadipur, Khun, Mahadevpura, Mingalpur, Mundi, Ottariya, Panchi, Rahtalav, Sandhida, Sangasar, Sodhi and Zankhi. To know more about the area allocation and map of the villages.

The Dholera international airport shall be built on 1,426 hectares of land near Navgam villageand shall be developed as a world class airport that shall play a vital role in the regions development. As per sources, about 70,000 acres of land has allotted to the regional town development authority which is substantial to take off the project.

Dholera is being planned on 920 Sq. Km of land of which 22.5 Sq. Km has been allotted by the state government for development of trunk infrastructure components. About  Rs. 3,000 crore has been sanctioned by the government for this and further investments in the region are expected soon through PPP model and foreign investors.

The city has much to start it rolling and make it a prominent one contributing largely to India’s production output. This is owing to its potential to become a global trading and manufacturing hub. Factors supporting this are the city’s nearness to the Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor, its exemplary connectivity through all means of transport and focus from the government which shall put the project on fast track.

Dholera is ready to be transformed from a hidden town to a globally renowned city. One with the right timing, right infrastructure, right support system, right logistics and right set of investment potential.

Dholera Smart City Gujarat – Develop Multiple Project In Dholera SIR

The foundation for Dholera Smart City has been strongly laid with billions of funds ready to be invested in the region by popular multinational giants.

A state of art logistic hub shall be developed by Singapore Based Capitaland Investment Trust along through its Indian arm Isobar Global Holdings which has acquired 3,000 acres of land in Dholera. Similar space shall be taken up by Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited (MLDL), the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group who is looking forward to developing a business city in Dholera in the format of “Mahindra World City.” Similar interest has been shown during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit by Sabeer Bhatia. His company, Nano Works Developer Gujarat Pvt Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gujarat state government for acquisition of 1,500 acres of land in Dholera SIR to set up its unit in the first smart city of India.

Reportedly, more than 400 MoU’s have been signed by various investors and conglomerates with the state government of Gujarat expressing their interest in investing in Dholera SIR. This goes a long way in proving that Dholera is certainly a perfect and probably the best investment option that India can currently offer.

Dholera is also much advanced due to it being as one amongst the seven nodes on the DMIC corridor. This makes it more accessible and a better place to set up manufacturing and industrial units.

The region is also an investor’s paradise for small time investors or people who are looking at buying a residential plot or commercial unit in the city. The current cost of land is currently favorable for investors due to abundant availability at cheapest possible prices. As of now, property in Dholera can be purchased for negligible prices and held for few years. The prices are expected to soar up exponentially soon and give hefty returns on investments.

Spread over 920 square kilometers area, development work on this Dholera SIR Smart City of India has begun. The progress of the city is divided into 3 phases and each phase is expected to take about a decade to complete. This brings the project completion deadline to 2040, if not earlier. Trunk infrastructure project has taken off with governments nod on sanctioning Rs. 3,000 crores for its development.

The city draws its inspiration from the city of Shanghai and shall be built with world class amenities and stare of art infrastructure. It shall be twice the size of Delhi and better developed than the capital city. A high access corridor shall be built in Dholera SIR that shall consist of industrial and logistic hub, knowledge and IT centre, recreation, entertainment and sports facilities and a city centre.

It shall also be well connected both nationally and globally through all modes of transport including an international airport (which has recently been sanctioned), a port in the vicinity, six lane highway, metro and railways.

Billions of capital is waiting to be invested in Dholera that shall make it one of the fastest developing and best planned city in India.Source:-

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